Our unique executive team has achieved outstanding results for a series of significant clients. We take an active role in building effective teams in Japan and have exceeded market penetration targets and schedules for all of our clients.

While JMO is new, the team has a long history of launching and building superb sales organizations for US companies in Japan. Read about our success in various business areas.

Hard Disc Drive Manufacturing Equipment

JMO executives were brought in to penetrate major Japanese HDD manufacturers. Prior to engagement, the client organization had won no orders in Japan and had not been able to engage any of the prominent customers. Only one year later, the team had won orders from two major clients for more than US$20M, and the client is positioned for over US$100M in sales in the near future. JMO recruited for its client a highly skilled senior manager, and a very strong pre- and post-sales team.

Telecom Test Systems

The JMO team built from scratch a sales organization that won leading market share for a manufacturer of advanced telecom test systems. The JMO team provided necessary localization expertise for the client and embarked upon a strategy that focused on NTT as the industry’s leading voice and then branched out to most major Japanese carriers and network equipment manufacturers. Japan became the most lucrative territory for this company’s instruments and systems.

Software Test and Management Tools

JMO executives built a sales and marketing organization that achieved 35% market share in Japan, ten times greater than the company’s worldwide share. At the outset, the product had not been localized for the Japanese market and had been purchased by only a few small companies in Japan. The dominant global competitor had achieved penetration across a range of Japanese companies. Only a few years later, the global competitor had been surpassed by an expert team of sales professionals, implementation consultants, and support engineers. The JMO-led group was successfully acquired by one of the world’s largest software companies, with much of the credit going to successful penetration of the Japanese market.

CAE – Consumer, Automotive and Mobile Products

A JMO executive grew revenues at a struggling CAE vendor that specializes in design for high-volume embedded systems. Revenues grew 12% in the middle of the recent dramatic downturn as a result of leadership into major brand-name Japanese suppliers. The software company was acquired on favorable terms by the dominant player in the industry, in significant part because of the growth in Japan during difficult conditions. .

Component Database for Sourcing and Design

A JMO executive launched the company’s Japanese subsidiary and built the Japanese subsidiary from scratch, beginning from his own home. The team was built to a substantial revenue base and defined a new market (Inbound Supply Chain) which tagged components as a “best buy” from design to procurement. The staff had grown to 10 professionals when the parent company was acquired during the height of the “dotcom boom.”

CAE Software

Our JMO executives managed a large portion of a major CAE supplier’s business in Japan, including IC design and PCB layout. Customers included major Japanese electronics firms. The business grew to approximately US20M' and then the JMO executive moved on for other opportunities.

Call Center Quality Services

The JMO team introduced a set of Call Center engineering and monitoring services to Japan. While still in its early stages, the offerings have found their first customers from among Japan’s well-known major corporations.

Chemical Handling Equipment

JMO executives sold a radically innovative new approach to handling chemicals to a major Japanese IC manufacturer. The system was installed in multiple locations around the world.