Our Clients

Wireless / Mobiles

Empirix Empirix

...Empirix solutions enable improved business performance by predicting the customer's communications experience, end to end.

Fastback Networks Fastback Networks

... enables high density radio access networks, with an industry first transport mechanism for wireless delivery of fiber equivalent services in both Line of Sight (LOS) and completely Non Line of Sight (NLOS) conditions.


... is the research and advisory firm that provides business growth and innovation utilizing the latest IT.

Mist Systems Mist Systems

... the world’s first intelligent Access Points. It's revolutionary machine learning technology simplifies wireless operastions and delivers personalized mobile services.

Vasona Networks Vasona Networks

... provides emerging platform for the most intelligent use of network resources to assure the best mobile application experiences.

Devices / IPs

Aqua Aqua Licensing

... assists companies in strategically leveraging their intellectual property assets in the sale, or recapitalization, of their operations.

Codasip Codasip

... is a leading provider of RISC-V-based processor IP and a unique set of design tools that can automatically optimize the processors.


... provides a complete PCIe solution to reduce risk and accelerate time to market for ASIC and FPGA based designs.

Teradyne Teradyne

... designs and manufactures automatic test equipment that delivers a competitive edge to the world's leading electronics companies.