About Company

Japan Marketing Office (JMO) is a consulting firm dedicated to support both North American technology firms working in the Japanese market and Japanese high-tech firms seeking for advanced technologies from the world. Our highly experienced team of sales and marketing professionals provides the insight and planning needed for profitable growth and long-term success, and help both of them to achieve their goals. We have a track record of success built carefully over the past 12 years and continue to grow as our clients expand.

Solutions for US Technology Firms

JMO provides sales, distribution and marketing services that creating the significant, sustainable and profitable sales and growth to US technology companies that works or wants to enter in the Japanese market.
We serve to help you to achieve strategic sales management, organization development and clear communications in this market

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Solutions for Japanese High-tech Firms

JMO provides consulting services for implementation of foreign-made products from the world that are effective and beneficial for growth of Japanese high-tech companies. We listen to your desire and search new technologies needed.
We serve to help you to communicate smoothly with foreign high-tech company so that you can implement the advanced technology with confidence.

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